We are an electronic business and would like our business to be done this way.
When using the boarding or bonding services please ensure that all fees are paid prior to the morning of the day you are due to collect your animal/s. No animals will be released from our care unless your payment is showing in our account before that days business begins.

Sort code 40-39-11
Account number 82232723

(You will be asked to sign a copy of our boarding form which states the following)

  1. Warranted by the owner that the animal/s is in a fit and sound condition and free of vice and recurring complaint.
  2. No responsibility is taken for any equipment left with us.
  3. All rabbits must be fully vaccinated before boarding,
    we reserve the right not to accept a rabbit without a valid vaccination card.
  4. All animal/s are left at owners risk.
  5. In the event of illness or injury during the period of boarding/bonding the animal will be treated by a veterinary  surgeon  of our choosing, any fees incurred will be the responsibility of the owner on return.
  6. If an animal dies for any reason during the period it is in boarding/bonding a veterinary surgeons advice will be followed in all matters including post mortem if deemed necessary.
  7. Unless otherwise stated by the owners any bodies of boarding/bonding animals will be sent for cremation with the owners responsible for the costs.
  8. We reserve the right to dispose of any animal/s not collected from our care at the end of its booked stay in the best way possible after 7 days unless notice is given.


All vaccination cards must be shown on booking in. No rabbit will be accepted without this being seen.

All prices are on a daily rate
Price increase as of 1st April 2018 (first increase in 4 years)
Single rabbit £4
Pair of rabbits £6
Any additional rabbits sharing hutch
£1 per animal per day

Guinea single £2.50
Guinea pair £4
Any additional guineas sharing hutch 50pence per animal per day

Heating/snuggle safe £1 per day
Medications can be given at £1 per day

All feed, bedding, toys and equipment will be provided by us.


We will only bond neutered and vaccinated rabbits
Price increase as of 1st April 2018 (first increase in 4 years)

Pair £45 per week
Trio’s, Quads £50 per week
Larger Groups POA

N.B If bonding house rabbits, and heating is required,
this will be charged at an additional £5 per week

If heating or medication is need an extra £1 is charged per day
All food, bedding, toys and equipment are provided by us.
All rabbits are kept on paving slabs with no access to grass, this is to prevent diseases being passed on.
Guineas are exercised on the grass in secure lidded runs.
Hutches are cleaned with TamodineE during use .  
All hutches are bleached and air dried between uses paving slabs are done with Jeyes fluid and the woodwork bleached.


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